Coffee with Harish


  1. What do you think about Temptations / deviations?
    1. Temptations / deviations are only those things which you like to get involved in.
    2. Good thing about them is they always ask your permission before starting.
    3. But the moment you start them they are so much powerful that they make you forget about time and take your an unlimited amount time.
  2. Why does our mind get more inclined towards Temptations and less towards Goals ?
    1. The fact about temptations is that even though you say so much that my temptations / distractions are eating away my time, but the face is that your mind have have 80% liking for all your temptations put together and just 20% liking for your Goals.
    2. In fact these 80% temptations kill 80% of your time and
      leave you just 20% time for your goals.which never enough to reach your goals.
    3. Temptations by nature are much stronger than your goals.
    4. Unless you identify the temptations and  design a life to forget, ignore, or sacrifice them you will never reach your destination
    5. To avoid this you must plan your week ,month ahead which will determine your days plan.
  3. What is better way to keep focus and finish the task /  goal ?
    • For better focus and stop unimportant activities follow (80/20 + parkinsons laws)
      There are two approaches for increasing productivity

      1. Identify the few critical and important tasks (80-20)and 

      2. Schedule them with very short, clear, and realistic deadlines( Parkinsons law).

    • The habit of mind is that if you clearly tell it what to do It shows more attention, and lesser deviations than without deviations
    • To Finish any goal / task first you need to be clear what you are working on
  4. Is there any method for better focus and not lose time on unimportant things
    1. Plan your day in the morning itself how much is possible
    2. Take a sheet of paper and Write it clearly what you are working on
    3. Draw 3 columns and for each task note the start time , finish time and duration
    4. Next side of the page write list of deviating thoughts and later try to analyse what was the source of that thought . 
  5. Can you give any tips for how to track my efforts and Make sure of success
    1. Effort graph :
      1. Plan, Measure and make note of number of efforts you put on your goals each day
      2. on a sheet of paper draw a bar chart representing dates on X axis and efforts on Y axis. Each day draw a bar chart with your number of efforts bar.
      3. Our mind will  have inordinate impact on the visual pictures.Our mind can understand a picture easily. 
      4. Visual picture gets stored in your mind and it gets recollected more often than numbers and text.
    2. Effort story : 
      1. Record your effort story every day.
      2. Write a small sentence every day about your efforts on why you were able to do and why you not able to do the efforts for the day
  6. When will a person overtake all others around him ?
    1. Answer would be same answer to the question
      “Who will overtake everybody in a bike race ? “
      obviously the person Whoever maintains high speed in the race will overtake everybody in the race.
    2. Same way in real life who ever maintains high speed will overtake others. But in real life high speed is not measured in Distance/time but in number of activities/day.
  7. Why do you think people lose Focus on their goal or lose the focus often ?
    1. The reason is there is nothing like
      “Lack of focus but there is always what is called as Lack of Clarity about What is important and what is unimportant.
      What is necessary and what is unnecessary.
      Any person who is crystal clear about the things that are necessary for his career will never lose focus.
      And the person who thinks everything in front of his eyes is important will always donate sometime to everything around him and loses all his valuable time

      So , If you want to get better in your life identify every activity that you do as IMPORTANT OR UNIMPORTANT.

      Analyze in what way this activity is relevant your goal. If you cannot find any relation between the activity and your goal it is Unimportant.
      Every Non Goal activity is UNIMPORTANT.

      If you Identify something as UNIMPORTANT and if you are still spending some time means it is still important to you.

      • Next time when you get involved in a Unimportant activity.

        Remember that the Target of every Unimportant activity is same i.e.
        “Waste my time and go. And Time lost will never come back. You can sp”.
        eg. youtube,tv programs, discussions about news, cricket…

        This is what pulls you down from being a winner.

  8. How can we make it sure that a Task will be completed certainly ? 
    1. Any task will surely be completed based on 3 factors
      1. Mandatory / compulsory
  9. How many types of worlds a man lives in?
    1. There are 4 worlds any man will experience
      1. past world
      2. In front of eyes world
      3. Future imagination world
      4. Real world
    2. First 3 worlds are subsets of 4th world they come in and go out of Real world. This is why some people sometimes get into deep thoughts and forget about environment around them.
  10. What makes a person achieve great heights in his life ?
    1. A person who achieves great heights in life is the person who continually aware of a better position than he is at right now.
    2. He continuously plans his life from his



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