How to focus more on oracle apps


For fast completion of setups or testing 
1. You have prepare your br100 before you start your preperation
2. For practicing different scenarios in PO / INVOICE/ JOURNALS also you should have Test data template before you start practice.
2. This will save you a lot of time



3 steps : Best way to learn any module of oracle apps is

  1. learn the Pre requisite steps
  2. Create sample forms like PO, Invoice, receipts
  3. Learn the different combinations of parameters like debit memo credit memo etc




Think using ‘WHAT IF’ principle for more FOCUS

Steps :

(SETUP > FORM > RESULT /error ) combination 

  1. First take up a chapter like PO creation in a module like Purchasing
  2. Look at all the prerequisite setup, and options selected in each setups
  3. Look at the options we select in PO creation form
  4. Try to connect to each form and setup relation link
  5. Think in terms of what happens if we ignore a option in setup or add more options
  6. Like this Note all your thoughts on paper and try doing them in application
  7. This will lead to more focus and you start playing it like a GAME and you start developing a passion for it.


“> Best way to keep track of my preparation would be

At end of preparation or at end of each hour you can  write your efforts for the day in a story form like

” Today i was trying to create  PO but it was not getting approved later after study i was able to approve it , Next i will create  PO’s and




  1. Early morning have a look at “How much i have completed till now”
  2. Plan how much can be completed today
  3.  At office
    1. keep looking at your plan and prepare well on what all things need to do at home
    2. Make sure that your planning should make it as easy that you must be able to do the setups directly without refering the document.
  4. at home start and finish the prepared setups immediately at jet speed


Just keep looking at setup steps so often


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