How to plan my day ?

How to plan your day

In the morning when you sit on your table to plan your day
To plan what to do at office Imagine  that you are at office right now what should I do now
Its 10 am now what to do like that keep planing
Follow the below steps for perfect planning

Your Plan should have 3 sections

  1. Main plan

  2. Bottlenecks ( obstacles and remedies)

  3. Impact of Not finishing within deadline


  1. Main plan(Activities and bottlenecks)
    1. Activities
      1. List all activities for the day
      2. Time taken by each task
  2. Bottlenecks (Alternatives)
    1. Obstacles
      1. What might stop your progress
      2. What things might come into your brain
      3. If any emergency creeps into plan )
    2. Remedies ( how to tackle them)
      1. change plan for Emergencies
      2. Procrastination
      3. Rejection
      4. Not Priority
      5. Looking at my task list
  3. Serious Impact of Not finishing the Plan within deadline
    3rd section is very crucial. because


  1. Main Plan
    1. Need to finish PO setups by EOD
  2. Obstacles, Temptations & their remedies
    1. Might get late at office
      1. Then I will sit late and finish
    2. Might get Client work at office so may not be able to plan
      1. Will finish it on time and get home on time
  3. Impact of Not finishing within Time
    1. If I dont finish this today this will add up tomorrow and my whole month plan will get disturbed.

How to Make your day more exciting and interesting?


  • First Plan your day using above method
  • By using a point scoring system you can make your day more exciting and interesting
  • Follow a WEIGHTAGE SYSTEM to each of the tasks. That means like how in exams we have more marks to essay answers and less marks to short answers. similarly maintain a points system based on importance of the task.
  • A Task of high importance finished early will give you more points than a task completed which is of no importance.
  • This will give you some interest in doing the activity.
  • Make a list of tasks every day and using a table with following columns
sno Task list Tick Points Start time End time duration
 1  xxxx   xxxx  30   xxxx   xxxx   xxxx

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