Who is Harish


 sno  Old Harish ( to be strked off)  New Harish ( to be underlined if started)
 1 >Poddune levagane songs vinatam,

>TV chudatam

>Paper chudatam

>Somehow manages to go for walk

>After walk becoz of no plan he drifts his time again with songs,tv , paper , shares but no time for planning

>once he reaches office becoz he has no perfect plan
again drifts his time

> He keeps on watching and playing shares whenever he finds time

> He keeps watching youtube videos and loses his focus

>He keeps eating sweets, tea cofee have less water and at next day says i should have eat less and had more water

>He only thinks about what he wants to do at this time like youtube ,books, games etc



> He keeps on wasting time on something without measuring


>He only does everything by plan and never deviates from plan

>. He now sleeps at a fixed time at 10 pm but wakes up at 4 am

> He wakes up at 4 am and plans for the day and finishes

>. He has totally stopped listening songs, videos

> Now he is going for walk everyday

> Everything he is doing by plan

> He moved every temptation of Non goal activities like having sweets playing shares to End of week / end of month

He continually updates his status on paper
“How much i know and
how much needs to be learnt ”

> Now , He is thinking about
“What am I doing now ?
How much time will it take  ?
How many / How much left ?
How many times should i do?
What all things to be assembled before start,?
What bottlenecks might come
how to handle them ?
How do I define success after 1 hour”

Now he will not do any work without PLAN BOOK and not without status paper( TASK,START TIME , END TIME, DURATION)

> TO DEAL With Temptations He is saying to himself
” I know you like to do this activity more than the goal but

” I am not sitting here just to do anything that comes to my mind ,
I am here for a purpose and I will only be on that purpose ”




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