Movie story 5 – SOUL MATE

Movie story 5  – SOUL MATE

This movie expresses how male and female are different in their interests and how conflicts arise in and how under which situations ppl cancel their marriages

Anil ki pelli chupulu avutu untai kastam meeda oka ammayi tho engagement  avtundi
With 3 months gap for wedding

Meanwhile the girl and the guy happen to meet at home and outside know each others preferences and priorities and each take it seriaously and call off the marriage

Later this boy is vexed with all marriage meetings

Fortunately he falls in love at first sight with a girl who also likes him very much they have lot of time together share a lot many things
When he talks she listens she talks he listens

But when it comes to life at home
He feels a discomfort living with her
She hates everything he does like watching tv to keeping the room untidy shoes and all

He somehow feels that he is living in a strngers home and he is missing his own space which he feels is his own atleast his room

He gets a dream where he sees a after marriage life with the girl and imagines whats going to happen like they are going to get into arguments with petty things

When he expresses the same dream with the girl and asks if she will be behaving similar  manner if he does like those things in future .  Instead of giving a diplomatic answer she says if you are not tidy and live your own selfish life any girl will behave like that

He gets into a defence and without utterinf a word he leaves …. she is confused and thinks what is wrong in what she wrong  she said

Later an uncle of anil comes for a visit and sees anil sad asks him what is the problem

He arranges a meeting with that girl and asks her what are things you like anil
She lists out and what things she does not like

And he asks her what do you think is  important to your life your likes or dislikes
If your likes are important try to design yiir life to igonoee the dislikes and live with anil because you cannot expect another person to have somany things which you like in anil its easy to ignore the dislikes

Later they get married


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