Daily wisdom

15 NOV 16

I can make better utilisation of my time by

  1. Continuously playing TIME VS COUNT game
  2. Moving from TASK TO TASK rather than TASK TO RELAXATION 
  3. Making a note of my Most imp activity list ( 2 or 3) and focus only on them
  4. Visualising my day
  5. Making a list of activities the day before
  6. Write on paper whenever you get a deviation

14 NOV 16


    Daily routine : 
After I wake up i can quickly pick a paper and plan the day with BACK FROM FUTURE
But no I keep thinking for a while
then brush teeth … go for a walk .. do exercise ..
then play songs .. .then watch tv… then do some time pass …
then read newspaper .. then leave vishwa at school …
then sit before stocks from 9 am … then time goes on till 10 30
then go to office .. watch shares again ..  then go for tea … then lunch ..
then i struggle with sleep… then watch youtube …
All time is wasted .. then come home .. relax …
fresh up … watch forex shares… then dinner  …
pass some time.. then youtube… songs.. videos.. facebook..

Better Daily routine : 


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