MACD ( 30 min ) trading method

MACD ( 30 min ) method 

In this method we first draw a ORB rectangle based on 1st day of month and look at the MACD positive or negative.


  1. Based on MACD value buy a CALL / PUT 
  2. Next day if you get some profit sell it and buy again at same pice
  3. But if on next day  you get a surprise trend moving other direction than what you expected , then dont be panicked dont sell your CALL ( if you bought one ) but buy a PUT instead and wait over some days until you will see profit based on ORB break out.
  4. then sell your profit positions  (say CALLS) but again buy those CALLs at some fixed prize which you can afford say ( Rs. 100) 
  5. continue this process you will surely get good profits

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