What is Motivation & when do we get motivated ?

Basic principle of motivation

> Whatever gives you a good feeling you tend to repeat it or do it more times
>Whatever gives you a bad feeling you totally stop doing it 

For example if a person tastes a sweet and it gives him a Good feeling  he takes one more sweet and if it gives him a bad feeling like rotten taste he stops eating and he might even spit the eaten part

Listening :to a song if a person listening to a song it gives him a good feeling he wants to feel  again so spends (gives away ) some more time if it feels bad he stops that and moves to different  task

Sleep : sleep gives good feel to some people so they sleeps  more some feels it bad so they dont sleep much

So on a whole good or bad feelings motivates   to do or not do a task rather than

More examples
– playing game
– reading book
– talking to people
– smoking /
–  drinking hot or cold beverages
– watching movies /tv / sports

Next ,
– how do we acquire these feelings
– necessity vs good feeling
– do we only like those things which we have acees to
– how to shift focus  from pleasures to needs
– can we change the feelings
– who becomes successful and what decides it


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