Movie story 4 – “Marichipoya..”

This movie is the fact that every one forgets something … what are the consequences if everybody forget something .. and how will be impact on the the chain of people whom they meet everyday

The characters of the movie are linked like this

  1. There is a company CEO .. he has a secretary who takes care of his daily appointements and meeting and banking transactions
  2. This secretary is has wife and a kid … his kid is not interested in studies..
  3. school teacher Kid of secretary complains that his kid is not showing interest in school…
  4. school teacher has a wife who always tortures him for not earning enough..
  5. school teachers wifes has  brother in same town who is earning good and visits his sister often
  6. This brother falls in love with a girl at school teachers flat next door.. this girl is a college student
  7. this college student girl has a friend (girl) who is the daughter of CEO manager at point 1.
  8. This is the plot of the story

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