What am i doing now ?


11 30 am  : looking into Sample BR100 for setup of AP ,PO




  1. trying to create PO in d8
  2. but dont know which ou is setup for PO and whose setup is too old
  3. when opened financial options there are many OU list shown but which ou is setup i shd see only from back end
  4. table for financial options is
    1. select distinct ORG_ID,creation_date from apps.FINANCIALS_SYSTEM_PARAMS_ALL order by
      creation_date asc
  5. get some OU’s from there and search in OU tabl
    1. select * from APPS.HR_all_organization_units
      where organization_id in
    2. now go to financial options and search
  6. done  i found OU for which FIN OPT is setup
    1. BR0399_CLP_OU



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