Where am I ?



Todays efforts

  1. Tried to find out what all setups are there for PO and found that there are just 5 steps in it
    1. options FO,PO,RO
    3. Create item categories and items
    4. Create SUPPLIER
    5. Create approval groups and assign  OU to approval groups

one solution to temptations and distractions is

  1. There are very few temptations but they keep repeating
  2. Write them on paper
  3. behind paper right solution title on top and write Big high value tasks first small low value tasks at last How much easily accessible and simple they may be
  4. Every they repeat read this solution to yourself . This worked for me today



My status

I think i have completed GL,AP,AR,FA setups at high level but need to focus more on each invoice / asset / pO types so that i can have more understanding

PO types are not getting created so i need to review setups because once PO is setup then only we can create AP invoice

  1. why PO is not working
    1. let me look at setups again


  1. Did nothing today
  2. Today brought sound card … watched youtube short movies .. felt very happy I dont know why but this activity brings me a lot of hapiness
  3. Evening went to shopping brought many articles like water can filter, mat,underwears etc.


  1. but Related to apps i did nothing… dont know why


  1. PLAN :
    1. Find why PO setups are not working
    2.because PO setup is very important for AP setup

Did nothing notable

Did nothing notable

I have completed FA setups and created a ASSET here


12 sep 16

  1. AR & EBT :
    1. Till now completed AR with tax setups
    2. but did not complete invoice types and receipt types
    3. not confident with EBT setups & questions
  2. PO & AP :
    1. completed setups but did not complete
    2. PO types
    3. PO receipt types
  3. GL :
    1. completed ledger setups
    2. but did not complete topics like revaluation

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