How nice it would be … if …list

Wouldn’t it be nice if …


say to yourself ” Wouldn’t it be nice if this desire comes to me” and write a full list of things

  1.  How nice it would be If …  .. I had owned a swift dezire car and drive it on long drive for my flow of thoughts
  2.  How nice it would be If …  .. If I can have a nice home of my choice with all bedrooms hall and kitchen decorated like a museum every inch of it with my taste
  3.  How nice it would be If …  .. If I can happen to meet RGV and discuss about my topics with him
  4.  How nice it would be If …  .. If I can had conducted a session with students on their doubts about future for their career advice
  5.  How nice it would be If …  I can share all my feelings with a girl / person who keeps asking and appreciating about my way of life and way of living
  6.  How nice it would be If …  I can have a big cup of tea and go into my thinking
  7.  How nice it would be If …  I prepare well and clear the interview with utmost confidence then get a job in same position which i am right now and earn more than 1 lakh per month
  8.  How nice it would be If …  I can have as much biryani and sweets as i can and still able to digest them and maintain a slim flat stomach
  9.  How nice it would be If …  I am thin and with flat stomach
  10.  How nice it would be If …  I am a key person in the team and team keeps asking me for advice on various issues in oracle apps and provide them with solutions
  11.  How nice it would be If …  I am sitting with parents and they ask me about my life and things that I enjoy like movies, sports and food
  12. If …  By chance meet a director and in flow of talk he listens to my movie story and later he wants me to direct that movie and its a super hit
  13.  How nice it would be If …  I can By chance meet a key person in a society, or apartment or office or school and in the flow of conversation he likes my concepts on self improvement and arranges a session for me in his known community
  14.  How nice it would be If …  there a huge group of people who know me and every month  we meet with our families and share of Happiness and sorrows. If we can meet on some special occassions
  15.  How nice it would be If …  I can Earn as much i can with all my talents put together
  16. How nice if somebody look at my work ( any work ) and compliments “Wow you are a creative genius”
  17.  How nice it would be if some body says to me ” Would you please work for my company.. you dont have to come everyday and do a 9 to 5 job. You can just travel the city , watch movies, talk to people, and whenever you like do your work and present it to me I will think over it and try to market it with my intelligence…You can work with me for the next 6 months even if dont do anything in this 6 months i will pay you with salary which matches your expenses..  “
  18. Son :
    1.  How nice it would be if…I train my son on some skill and when he displays that skill everybody are appreciating him




I have Good feeling when :

  1. Having cofee or tea alone and going into deep thinking
  2. Driving alone and thinking about my future
  3. When I am playing shares game,cricket game
  4. When I listen to soft melody songs on youtube on hi fi music system
  5. when i listen to dance beat songs on hi fi music system
  6. When I read a book


My Career :

  1. if I am running my own business maintaining everything by myself.



MY Family :


My Assets and possessions : 

  1. If I own a grand Swift dezire










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