My Bottlenecks/ obstacles

1. Thinking that i have several options / its optional

SOL : Think that when you have scheduled something at a time, You dont have any other option,
it is a rule and you have to do only that thing at that time

2. not analyzing how much time it takes to complete each sub task and planning my time

3.Not dividing that task list

4. Generalizing the task like ‘invoice types’ instead of being specific

5. Not analyzing the consequences of future


What might happen in the next 1 hour ?

  • I might want to do  (though Not useful )
    • youtube\
    • facebook
    • stocks
    • twitter
    • my blog
    • books
    • pdfs
    • Play games
    • watch stocks
  • I might not want to do (though Useful )
    • Dont want to Read oracle apps content
    • Dont want to plan

But I will deliberately stop doing these until i have finished all the scheduled tasks


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