What is My future job plan ?

What is My future job plan ?

When will all my problems be solved ?

>when i get a job with sal more than 1 lak salary that means atleast 14 laks sal
When will that happen ?
>That will happen when i clear the interview  and become a apps functional lead / consultant
when will i clear the interview ?
> when i prepare on all the modules and all the FAQS
when will that complete all these things ?
> within sep 16
But jul , aug also i said the same
Jul had some considerable improvement but aug i am not that satisfied
What if the same things happen again in sep 16 ?
No …..!!!!!
that should not happen
Let me plan
which will not fail
Which will have
“Remember if you have a proper goal And you have spent enough time money and energy on it , and you have a strong EMOTION  attached to it it will surely be achieved “
So many months are wasted i will not waste this month also
Think that rhis month is Alredy over how to rewind it
☝️Repeat the thought that will get you what you want
If goal is your destination
Thought is the road
To Be in that road you should keep repeating that thought ☝👍

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