My Obstacle list


My Bottlenecks

How I lose my time

  1. Every second I think that i am spending my time on what I like and later after losing hour or so i feel that I lost all the time
    1. Solution : Think always in terms of ” +1 hour” that means if it is 9 am think that it is already 10 am and think what i did in last one hour how i utilized it
  2. I spent most of my time on SHARES game to Practice MACD found a solution and noted it in TRADING NOTES In my blog.




Here is the list of my internal and external obstacles list which is stopping me from progressing towards my growth

    1. Thinking CRICKET
      1. playing cricket
      2. watching cricket
      3. imagining cricket
    2. Thinking Movies
      1. Watching
      2. recollecting
      3. imagining
    3. watching Talk shows with famous people
      1. watching





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