If you want to be successful

The natural habit of mind is that, it keeps telling you
“Let me do the Low consequence activity(LCA) first
(like watching TV, games, talking, eating, phone, fb, youtube,movies , sports, …)
and then later I will take up
the High consequence activity (HCA) (like planning, learning, tracking progress,etc..)

The result you end up spending 80% of your active time on LCA
and just 20% of active time on HCA which contributes very less movement toward your success and your growth rate will be very slow

If you want to be successful in life
start saying “NO” politely  to low consequence activities (LCA)and
then start & finish the High consequence activity (HCA)first
and after completing atleast a couple of the HCA you can spend some time on LCA

Remember to Allocate as much as 80% time to HCA and only 20% time to LCA
Always do the HCA first and then do the LCA …


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