My Pray rain journal 1

  1. Habits and importance
    • All my habits totally changed
    • I am now only doing those things which have importance. because 20% important things contribute to 80% of happiness
    • Now i stopped
      1. [*] watching youtube movies, interviews, sports, fun videos
      2. [*]listening to songs
      3. [*]facebook
    • I started doing
      1. [N] Tracking my progress
      2. [N] tracking what i dont know
      3. [N]reading apps blogs
      4. [N]writing pray rain journals
    • I have not stopped
      • [N]playing criket
  2. Personal life
    1. I am now enjoying a lovely life …I have a lovely life with family and finances…
  3. My wife :
    1. I am earning well and giving her as much amount as 50000 per month for her expenses. she is very happy spending and investing the money
  4. My Job trials :
    • I have improvised a lot in my job trials.
    • I am planning a lot these days in terms of day,week and month.
    • I am constantly investing my time in learning and recollecting what i learnt
    • i am constantly writing all the time
    • Reading the blogs all the time
    • Tracking what i learnt and what is remaining
    • I am constantly trying to track what i know and dont know by interviewing myself that is a great improvization
  5. Investments :
    1. I am now investing in lakhs of rupees
  6. CAR :
    1. we now go out with family in our own big car .. Swift Dzire…vishwa is looking out thru the mirror and enjoying himself .. i am driving the car sitting in the lovely seat..and feeling the fragrance of the car… Radhika is happy laughing and making me laugh in the car..
  7. My current job :
      • I am going regularly to the office . I am a kind of enjoying my job. I now dont feel any stress. I am able to handle vennila with lot ease. I am now orgnizing my things a lot better. everyday i am planning my things for the next day, week and month. EAT THAT FROG has brought a lot of change in me. I am clearly understanding what is important and what is unimportant.
  8. New JOB :
    1. Absolutely wonderful I got new job I now feel much relaxed I got my new job as a Oracle apps finance consultant … I cleared the job myself the interview went so fine ..The manager likes me so much for my hardwork, dedication and the way i deal with clients Today i am driving my car … Recollecting how My life changed totally
  9. Oracle apps knowledge :
    1. I have improved a lot i
  10. Parents and siblings :
    1. Parents respect me so much now. I go regularly to  home town only in flights now.

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