Harish: My success story : getting a job

This is my future story how am i going to struggle for my job in the coming days.

  1. I will be planning all my next week and next days events today only.
  2. As per plan i will be preparin

Clearly my every day routine is only going to decide my future . Here i will define my routine

My Routine :

  1. Morning : I will wake up and look at my status if i have 1 hour i will plan what can be completed and will finish atleast 1 or 2 topics
  2. office i will look thru all the topics which can be completed at end of day at home
    1. also i will rewind what i have learnt
    2. also i will go thru the other blogs to enhance my knowledge on a topic
  3. at home i will keep 2 – 3 hours  and plan realistically so 5-6 topics and complete them



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