Keywords for everyday life

Keywords for everyday life
1. clear mental picture –
do you have a CMP of your end product of What you are doing
At eod
or just playing a random game
2. Purpose –
Why are you here ?
what is the purpose of all your activities > is it your goal
3. Don’t compromise –
on anything less than what you desire for
4. most dominant thoughts –
often check your it your End product. If not change it
5. No pleasures –
forget about pleasures & Always focus on your problems and solutions
6. Focus
# To increase your Focus measure your progress
the more you measure the progress the more is your focus
# get involved – the more you get involved the more is the focus
#what you focus everyday is what you get, whether you want it or not.
#If you lose focus on what you want you will start collecting what you don’t need
7. Understanding
8. Decide Goal or temptation –
Present pleasure or future happiness – what do you want ?
9. Being active
10. Co operation :
More Support , co operation, of people around you multiplies your success rate
Don’t get involved in doing everything that you like to do –
Analyze what actions would be appreciated by others , what others are expecting you to do
And do only those things
11. Commonalities :
finding similarities than differences between people around you increases the closeness between ppl
12. Sacrifice :
to be a leader you must sacrifice what you want for what others want. More you sacrifice more you lead
13. Priorities :
What all things I want to do week days and week ends
Which activity will have highest impact on my future life happiness is
list out reasons ‘people like me for …… ‘
As many number of reasons leads to as many number of friends
Plan to avoid your distractions before you start the day. Distractions like YouTube songs etc whichever stop your progress need to be identified and killed. Look at your distraction list at beginning of day and visualize that you are rejecting them today
16.- > FAILING
Make a list of your failure journal and record all areas wherever you have failed today or in past
# Now design a system to overcome this failure and resolve to not to repeat again in my life
# Unless you record all your failures of failure journal of today
the day and it’s reasons and unless you design a system to handle your past temptations and failures you will surely repeat them
# if my current life continues in same way what will happen , what I gain , what I lose? In career, family, social life ?
# what is working what is not working for me in each area of my life
# where all i failed today how can I design a system for not failing in them again
18.-> Improving BEHAVIOR :
don’t live as you like
Live in the way how People expect you to live. That will only makes them happy and make you likeable Sacrifice everything how you want to live
20. Improve positive thinking
>Means whenever you fthink
21 wow wonderful ;
Add these words to every thought you get , every action you do and every word you say. Do everything for getting these 2 words from others and you
22. Urgency :
live life with a sense of urgency
23. Updates of people :
People will not share you their unless you remember their old updates
24. Impress :
If you get impressed with ppl it is expressed in your actions
If you dont impress others,
They are surely going to depress you
Unless you impress and convince ppl you are not going to get things you desire
25. Why ?
What is the why behind everything you do ?
26. Measuring progress :
How are you going to measure your progress?
How do you think others are
measuring your progress ?
27. MIP :
Are you thinking like a Most imp person
28 imagination :
work with your imagination not with your past experiences.let your mind work on your future plans and goals
29. Efforts :
Fell me how many efforts you have put on your goal today I will tell you how much burning your desire is and how much hunger you have for success. Your hunger starts diminishing your efforts start reducing
30 positive thinking
✅❎Positive thinking can be practiced with 2 methods
1. Big line small line :
Compare with your happy moments and sad moments
2 Half full & half empty glass :
Look at what is available and ignore what is not available its not there already why worry abt it. From thankfulness comes positive thinking and positive behavior
When you get angry or negative thoughts think what positive habits / benefits that you are getting from this person and which everybody else in world are not getting.
Like if I lose a job thank yourself and organization for giving you the opportunity to work so long some of my friends are still jobless atleast I am employed
31. Interest
If you set a goal you will surely achieve it, provided if you show some interest in it
Or else better chose a goal on which you have interest
And how to know if you are interested or not
just either target before or count afterwards how many activities were related to your goal each day.
The shortest path towards destination is in your actions whether you go take 10 steps a day or 100 steps a day determines how early you reach your destination
32.Action & Inactions
Be so much alert about your thoughts and words.
Because Your every action and inaction will surely have an impact on your goals.
From today start comparing your actions/ inactions and your words with the impact to your goals
33. Obstacles and objections
Epect o
Have a deadline for doing every small thing even for thinking , and talking, arguing also otherwise nothing will end it goes on
One way you can get the things more quickly is by getting involved in the task , your mind responds and gives you suggestions if you get involved The task at hand.
Think that it’s all yours :
Feel that you are responsible for every thing around you.
Think It’s all my game
Think it’s your my family
It’s all my company
My relatives my friends my parents my neighbors
This will change your entire behavior
You will never feel negative
We complain only those things which we feel that they can be changed
> if want to change things dont complain just take responsibility or accept the things the way they are
38. Learn from nature
If you water a plant regularly
Pluck out the weeds regularly
You will surely enjoy the fruits on the time expected
Similarly if you spend some time
On your goal activity everyday
And eliminate the time on temptations
You can surely reach your goals on time expected
39. Abilities
Your abilities will grow with your goals
40. Belief of your success
Eg. Rama finds sita
5 pandavas win over 1000s if kauravas
41. Speed :
Whatever your goal is
Faster you work on a goal
More efforts you put on goal
In shorter time
Faster the goal is achieved
This is called multiplied / exponential efforts
42. Eyes :
Keep your eyes only on the near , and distant things you desire most and keep off your eyes on the things which disturb your focus and delay your success
43. Next activity
Let your goal decide your next activity
your activity will decide your goal
Ask and listen to your goal whatever it says do it. It will never give you false and negative suggestions. Keep following it it will take you to your destination
44. Results
Have a close look of your results
And their sources / inputs
If you keep repeating the same inputs you get the same results
Sometimes changing a single input will bring tremendous change in your life
45. Fun with work
When you have fun with work its not work. You enjoy it like playing a game
46. Urgency
Have a sense of urgency for doing any thing serious or silly thing. If you have urgency the task will be done soon otherwise you just relax and 1 activity will take the time of 3 or 4 activities
47. Reward
If for every small task if you can imagine some definite reward you can surely get the focus and concentration that you nee to finish the task .
You can win over all the temptations till you complete the task
48. Listen to your goal
Always close your eyes and keep listening to your goals
It will always give you the right direction
49. Deviation
The more number of things you get to see listen and talk the more you lose your focus on things which you desire .
Do fewer things to keep your focus
50. Encourage yourself often
For your every thought , activity and word say to yourself
Super practice
Super word i said
Super preparation
Super work
Super way to deal
Super thought / idea
51. What to think always
Always think about things you want to happen and they will happen
If you always think things you dont want to happen still they will happen
Which means whatever you think will happen
52. STATUS – most imp keyword
You have to update your status every day
This will be the strongest critique for you
53. Integrated knowledge
Your new knowledge + your old knowledge = integrated knowledge
You should not just take new knowledge it will surely exhaust after few days , so think on it linking it with old knowledge this makes it permanent
53. Every minute counts
Every minute counts towards your progress or regress towards your goal
Every minute you invest in your struggle moves you towards your goal and every minute you relax and enjoy halts your progress


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