AR Setup steps

AR Setups
1. Flexfields
a. Sales tax location Flexfields
b. Territory Flexfields
c. Add values to Flexfields
d. Run >Validate application accounting definition program
1. System options
2.Remit to address
– Needed for invoice lines ..address defaulted
– Remittance
– Invoice print
3. Payment terms
4. Auto accounting
5. OM sytem parameters
6. Customer creation
– Sites
– Link sites to OU
7. Default customer profile class
8. Party tax profile
– For Receivable activity
– and to link OU with TAX
9. Transaction type
10. Transacton source
11. Receivable activities
EBT setups
-Create bank ,branch, bank acs
– Receipt class
13. Check customer balance before and after payment
14. Invoice work bench

Debit memo
Credit memo
On account credit memo
Deposit Transaction type
Guaranteee transaction type

15. Creating Receipt
16. Miscellaneous

Transaction batch
Transaction deletion
Receipt batch

Auto cash rule set
Miscellaneous receipts
Receipt reversal
Write off
Refund for credit memo
Balance bill forwarding (BFB)



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