Speed and Plan

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While riding a bike two things to consider for having enough speed are

By when am i planning to reach my destination and
what should be my speed in order to reach the destination on Date and on time >


What is my current speed ? when will i reach the destination at my current speed ?
will it be OK to reach destination so late?
In real life speed is measured in terms of Number of tasks per day related to your goal.

If you want to reach early INCREASE YOUR SPEED !!! Meaning DO MORE THINGS IN A DAY

For completing more things in a day you must a clear plan realistically based on 4 questions


How many tasks need to be completed ?
Realistically How much time does each task take?
Realistically How much time do I have for the day?
How many can be really completed in a day based on above answers ?
once you have answered these 4 questions then only you should start your efforts for the day


Temptations never interrupt , stop, or come in way of a person who has got a clear plan in his mind and on paper


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