My own and fav Quotations

My Quotations


6.  Which PLAN fails

Any Plan without a contingency plan will surely fail


5. Planning

# Why planning

Not everything that is Planned will be finished by end of day

But when you plan surely somethings get completed

# Fact is that

while playing cricket when i had fixed a target runs and within a specific deadline i was able to achieve it

But when i was planning just with a intent to play aimlessly i was losing wickets for no reason

4. Dealing with Obstacles

Success only meets those people who cross the internal or external obstacles

Either you overcome your internal and external obstacles which are stopping you from taking action or totally give up your goal.

obstacles are those things in your mind which stop you from taking action

Whatever seems to be difficult to you spend more time thinking on it you will surely find a way of doing it.


 3. Keep tracking your time

Every sec keep tracking “what is the current time” and you will never waste a single second of your day

2. ” Not getting motivation : DO IT AGAIN”  

When you are not getting motivation,

Not knowing what to do now then do one thing

Do the same thing again

like How playing known game again gives you more focus and thoughts

like How watching a known movie again gives you more focus and new thoughts

Doing the same thing again gives you new ideas and new doubts where you lack knowledge

so Try to create the same invoice again this will give you new thoughts and ideas 

1. What makes you to TRY MORE 

Whatever things you are not satisfied with
which think you can better perform 
which you feel why i am not getting this
which you feel jealous when some other inferior person gets it
whatever things you are frustrated and
you cannot take it anymore

Those things you will surely add more efforts
which makes you forget your sleep and
ignore every other temptation and
Focus on it till you get it


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