Sequences and patterns of my life

Sequences and patterns of my life

1. lnteraction with radhika

She asks me something which i am not comfortable or i say some negative aspect of her which i dont like

Later she responds with a very harsh tone

Sometime i get angry or i keep telling the truth using logic and since people dont like logic more than emotion they get into violence

At last we shout at each other and be silent for a day

2. What i do before i sleep at night

I sit before laptop to practice apps without any agenda or plan or list of topics to cover
or without any month plan with topics list for the month

after some 10 to 15 mins i feel a lot of noise so i play some songs later i use ear phones

later i open facebook and go to some use less links
later i open youtube again drift some time for some useless movies links
later if i am still bored i go and get my phone and start game
This game continues for 10pm to 2pm or 3 and later i go to bed and wake up around 6 to 7 am

i cant digest my food or cant plan my preparation my whole next day is wasted

Interesting fact here is that every time i get into a temptation i feel that i am totally in control i will get back in time but i will never get back on time

3. (Radhika response ) when i am Passing time

The moment she watches me playing games or watching TV or movie

she immediately points out with some incomplete work which i have to do or

if everything is complete she points out that i am not working on Apps to get new job

4. How a Fight starts between me and radhika

she comes to me with a question which i m not satisfied or not comfortable answering , i stay silent still she forces me to answer

then i give some negative response , she wont like what i said and she gives back the same to me i get hurt i too start replying back with some logic to find and prove who is correct losing my sense that she might get hurt

Finally we get into a argument and fight


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