Oracle apps Scenarios



Organization as the center of the business.

Its work is to get items from Supplier and sell them to customer

So for the items bought from supplier , Organization has to PAY cash to the suppliers
and for the Items sold to the Customer , Organization has to RECEIVE cash from customers

AP Scenarios

1. O raises PO to S and later after receiving the Item pays cash to S
2. O will pay later
3. O will pay in scheduled installments.
4. O wil pay amount first and later deduct for items
5. O will get the items first pay once the total amount reaches a target amount
6. O pays the amount but later for some reason wants the amount back or S only wants to return the amount
7. They both enter into a contract and payment will be done or goods will be sent based on some rules/agreements/ parameters
8. Suppliers has to payback amount if O is overcharged or overpaid amount for some reason.




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