My day sequence Without Plan & With Plan


Without plan

Yesterday I came to know a new observation about my day.

Now i can clearly see why my day is going waste when i am not planning it.
Here are the facts list If I dont plan my day clearly.

  1. I wake up dont know what to do
  2. get ready and go to office
  3. At office If i dont have any work then read some news then youtube or songs
  4. then go to lunch
  5. after lunch sleep a bit
  6. then after open apps instance dont know what to do
  7. go here and there later if i have mobile play games or watch youtube think that i am busy or read books
  8. at 4 o clock go for tea pass 1/2 hr
  9. When I come home i just sit before TV or laptop
  10. watch some movies or news
  11. Have dinner
  12. Then take the mobile start playing cricket at 9 o clock and continue it unlimitedly even till 2 or 3 am also
  13. Afterwards get sleep
  14. Because of lack of sleep so wake up late next morning

With plan

  1. In the morning or before evening only i write down all the activity list with the goal in mind
  2. Plan my day based on these question
    1. How many tasks to be completed
    2. How much time does each task take
    3. How much ‘MY TIME’ do i really have for my planned tasks
    4. Realistically How many tasks can be completed in this MY TIME?
  3. Question every hour 3 questions
    1. what i want to do
    2. what am i doing
    3. what did i do
    4. If answer to these 3 questions is same you will surely reach your goal
  4. At EOD i will have to check my speed.  I will review based on points
    1. Because of What thoughts, people, and situations I was not able to complete the tasks
    2. How can i avoid them next time ?
    3. What are my patterns which i should repeat and which i should not repeat






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